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No matter whether your teeth have been stained by tobacco, medications, foods, drinks, or age, our professional cosmetic whitening services can have your teeth looking their whitest and brightest in as little as one hour!

Whiten your teeth at a price that's right - call us today at

Having teeth as white as snow wherever you go is attainable - all you have to do is invest in our professional and affordable teeth whitening services!


• Bleaching

• Whitening

• Zoom whitening

• At home whitening

Teeth as white as snow

"Affordable" and "cosmetic dentistry" may not appear to go together, but they definitely do at our dental clinic. Not only do we accept most insurance, but we also cater to senior citizens.


Call and we'll work with you and your budget. Even if you don't have insurance, we'll offer you discounts to help you pay for the superior dental care that you need and deserve.

Easy to pay for cosmetic dentistry

When toothpaste can no longer combat the stains that have developed on your teeth over time, give us a call - we've been providing cosmetic dentistry services since 1987!

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For when toothpaste just doesn't cut it

Have a whiter, brighter smile today

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